Thursday, September 2, 2010

Since when was I born in a barn??

So the past few days I have begun to notice something about myself that frankly I just am not okay with. I have noticed that I am leaving drawers and cabinets open, not picking up after myself, and just leaving things in disarray. Yes...I'm sure some of you are thinking, YOU JUST HAD A BABY...GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK and while yes, that may be is not that hard to close a drawer!

So I make Hubby 2 sandwiches every morning, peanut butter & jelly for breakfast and turkey for lunch....we are exciting, I know. Well the past few mornings, after I'm done I have looked around and realized that the silverware drawer is still open, dishwasher is partially cracked, cabinets where the baggies live is still open, pantry is open...the list goes on and on! What is my deal?! I need to work on this before it becomes a habit and frankly I need P to be on my side when it comes to making the bed.

There is one thing I know I will never compromise on though, and that is the toilet seat lid. I apologize for all of you who leave yours up but that is f-ing disgusting. So this might be just as weird as my being grossed out by getting my feet wet thing (for another post entirely)...but it TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, 100% grosses me out when I go into a bathroom and the lid is up. I don't know why, I mean I have to lift it anyways to actually use it...but something about walking in and immediately staring into the abyss that is your personal poop palace just makes me queasy. Oh toilets...I mean ew, just ew.

So I have talked about the bathroom two days in a is just a coincidence, I promise it wont become a habit.

I will leave you with this because I know it will make your day, just like it did mine!

Grumps and P
(special thanks to the videographer Aunt Shirley (my dad's sister) who is in town from NYC)

And speaking of Aunt Shirley, P got all dressed up for her the other day!

Happy Baby!

*So I almost just published this post without spell checking...EEK...y'all would have be embarrassed for me...I am pretty much at a 3rd grade spelling level.

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Jenilee said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah I never thought of a toilet as a "poop palace!" haahahahaha

Yes, I hate black toilets too. I also hate wood grain toilet seats which we have in the main bathroom and Joe INSISTS on keeping because it's "never cold on his butt." Lovely.