Monday, October 5, 2009

I would say I am pretty much a baby shower expert at this point...

So I have been asked by more than one person to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pictures from the baby shower I hosted back in the middle of September. I have been lazy....I'm not going to lie...that is the main reason I haven't gotten around to it yet. I apologize.

First, some back story for those of you who may not know. I threw my very first baby shower for a friend who is due November 1st (27 days from today!). I was nervous. I wanted it to be perfect. Much like a bridal shower, I feel that there is a lot of responsibility that goes into them and I wanted Ashley's to be great!

It ended up a success and I even got a thank you card from her Grandmother! How sweet! Here is how the day panned out...

Although my cupcakes looked a bit more like George Washington than I intended, they were still pretty cute!

This is Ashley...and her baby bump!

The string game!

Opening presents. She got 2 of the same strollers!

I LOVED this little shirt! Ashley is in med school and I thought this looked just like scrubs!

More pink than they know what to do with!

A B-E-A-UTIFUL quilt her M.I.L Lynda (sitting to the left) made for them. AMAZING. It made me want to run out and buying a sewing machine and start quilting!

Posing with Peyton.

Despite the flash flooding going on outside, we had a great time and they got tons of cool stuff. All in all, I would deem it a success!

Happy Babies!


the Provident Woman said...

Looks like a great baby shower.

Jenilee said...

The shower looks like it came out PERFECT Meggles!!!