Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An exciting day, sprinkled with a touch of fear!

So Monday...I had my first blog comment from someone I didn't know! It is an exciting day indeed!

Big shout out to The Provident Woman who, based on her blog, is big time, and I am honored that she stopped by my space! I am also excited to have another new blog to read!

I will say, when I first checked out her page, my first thought was that God was playing a mean joke on me.  She raises bees. WHAT!? Talk about brave!! No offense, Provident Woman, I am just freakishly afraid of them. Like to the point where I MIGHT have...

A. Let my shopping cart go in the middle of the Target parking lot
B. Called Hubby FRANTIC for his help when one landed on my Tide bottle. Since I was calling him, he was obviously not with me and therefore in no way able to actuallly aid in my situation
C. Ran screaming, with arms flapping, while working at a career fair (with my boss) when one flew by me

My fear is completely irrational as I have never been stung but I think at this point, it is just fear of the unknown.

By anyways, that is beside the point. People are actually reading this blog. When I say people, I mean you and 2 others that MIGHT be related to me. Regardless, thank you again to Provident Woman, you made my day!

Now go read her blog people!

Happy Bee Keeping!

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