Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I crazy?!

So my rents have been out of town the past couple of days visiting my aunt in NYC. Don't think you can come and rob their house though...they are already back so HA! We have had the pleasure of dog sitting.

Hubby was nice enough to go over in the evenings with me to let the dogs out one last time before bed. We of course took advantage of checking out all the TV channels that my rents have that we don't, and included in this delightful bundle was Starz. Now playing on Starz is the "kids" movie Bolt. I put kids in quotes becauses let's be honest with ourselves, who DOESN'T watch all those movies that are only meant for "kids". I know I do!

So anyways, we started watching on Saturday night, then a little bit on Sunday (I was falling asleep and therefore needed to get into bed ASAP), and finished it last night.

First of all, what a cute movie. Second, ummm I cried my stinking eyes out! There is a scene where Bolt rescues his friend Mittens (a stray cat) from an animal shelter than started it off, then one where Mittens is telling Bolt that her "person" just left her when they moved and she was lefting wondering "what she did wrong?" (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!), and the one that sealed the deal involved Bolt seeing his "person" acting a scene out with another dog in which she told him how much she loved him and missed him (Bolt did not know they were rehersing a scene). I had the full on cry shakes. The kind where your entire face turns red. The kind that leaves you a little embarassed!

Don't get me wrong, it was a great movie but man, am I a weirdo or something?!

Happy Tears!

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Jenilee said...

Guess I know what movie I'm putting on my Netflix!! Oh wait.. I think we just got STARZ for free.... I'll ask Joe. Now I'm excited to watch it!!! I'll let you know how much I cry!! I'm a sap!!!