Monday, June 21, 2010


Wow...well umm...I have no excuses good enough for why I haven't blogged in approximately 45 days....geeze! Well anyways...quick catch up, at our midwife appointment LAST Friday (June 11th), I was told that I had progressed even further and she thought he would be coming THAT week. Maybe the potato salad lady was right?! baby.

Went to our appointment this Friday (June 18th) and things hadn't changed drastically but he had dropped a little lower (JUST JUMP OUT KID!). Our next appointment is Wednesday so...we will see if anything happens before then OR if he comes prior to our appointment...fingers crossed!

I am definitely still nervous BUT I was given that light at the end of the tunnel so now I am getting to the "I'm ready" point. Typically it is more so by the end of the day when I feel like my skin is about to pop (for some reason it feels more stretched by then...) BUT I have still had a great experience and I will be a little sad to see it end.

I promise to keep you posted!

Happy Baby!

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