Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Hubby and I had a great weekend this past weekend! It wasn't too wild or crazy but we still had fun and got a lot done!

Saturday was nice because Hubby did not have to get up early and work like he usually does. I would love to say we slept in but 6:30 seems to be our new wake up time...not sure what to deal is?! Maybe our babies are getting ready for "the wee one"?!

I started laundry (since per Hubby's request, I only do it in the morning and evenings to try and keep the house cool) and made breakfast and I thought we were having some people over so I quickly cleaned up and vaccumed and straightened things up. They ended up not showing BUT it worked out that the house was cleaned up so I was done with that for the weekend! Score!

After a quick drop off of chemically stuff to the "Hazardous Waste Drop Off Day", we headed to Babies R Us to get my parents a Pack N Play for the kiddo. Mom is going to help us out with childcare for a bit so...he needed a place to sleep. Hubby and I then ran a few more errands, including grocery shopping (I love when I can sucker him in to going with me) and then we headed over to my parent's house (with the pups of course) for a fun afternoon of swimming! I totally rocked out a bikini (wearing shorts of course) with this huge 39 week pregnant belly. I wouldnt do it in front of anyone other than my husband and family of course but it was amusing regardless. Oddly enough I think I was more comfortable in a 2-piece pregnant than I am normally...my stomach has always been an issue...so that was pretty strange.

After a fun few hours of swimming, we headed home and cooked dinner. Shawn saw this yummy recipe for Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup on The Cooking Channel which is a new network with a lot of old shows from The Food Network that I L-O-V-E. Anyways...he wanted to give it a whirl so we did! It was different, yummy, but different. We added chicken too for extra protein.

After that I convinced him to go for Sno Cones and then it was off to slumbertown.

Tune in tomorrow for a Father's Day recap!

Happy Tuesday!

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Jenilee said...

Sounds wonderful!!! =)

I don't know what on EARTH you're talking about miss prebaby flat tummy! You are ABSURD!!!!!!