Friday, June 4, 2010

Maybe the crazy lady pitching potato salad was right...

Hubby and I spent this past weekend working it up around the house. This included a nice, stressful trip to CostCo.

CostCo + Saturday + Memorial Day Weekend = WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING!

We needed Gatorade and Baked Chips THAT bad apparently...

So as we are crusing down the dairy aisle, about to throw in a few cases of Gatorade, I hear "come try some potato salad and hot dogs" from this little old lady parked next to the butter. As I walk by, she swivels in her chair and says to me:
 "You'll have that baby in about 2 weeks."
 "Ha ha ha..." I nervously laughed, "well I am due in 4 actually."
 "Nope, I say 2...maybe 3 at the most."
 "Ha ha ha..." again...nervously. At this point I am not sure what one says in this situation. But then she threw in the kicker.
 "I went in to labor beating rugs." Which might sound crazy and random to most BUT that is actually how my Gram went into labor with my mom back in the day....ummm....SERIOUSLY?! Was Gram channeling me through this old woman and her potato salad?! Should I be worried that I was about to be struck by lightening or go into labor right then...OR should I just get my crap together because we were going to have a baby sooner than later?!

Well fast forward to our most recent midwife appointment on Tuesday. We met with Cherie, it was great. She was super nice and super positive. We got to hear the heartbeat, which was amazing as always. She commented on how I had no stretchmarks, which was exciting! Not bragging but seriously...I have been greasing this belly like an Easter ham so it was nice that my efforts have paid off. AND I do owe it to really awesome genes mom has one teeny-weenie strectch that is only visable if you squint and look REALLY closely, which let's be honest would be weird for everyone involved. stretchmarks...YAY...thanks mom!

So anyways...she did a few more things and pushed and proded my belly and told us that she thinks he is about 5 and a half pounds, and she wanted to feel if he had "dropped", which basically means he has made his descent into the canel of doom. I was slightly disappointed when she said he hadnt but then again, we still have 4 weeks to go and it doesnt always happen this early. But she kept going with the exam and then checked, just to see if there was any internal progression...if you know what I mean.

She then got a surprised look on her face and said..."well, are one cm dialated and 50%". (50% = 50% effaced...which...close your eyes if you arent interested...means that the cervix has thinned by 50%. We are looking for 100% at the time of labor people. 50% means HALF WAY THERE!)



Im sorry...back that ass up...


Whoa lady...did NOT see that coming. What about him not making his descent? Well she kinda backed up and looked at me and said, "you know he might be dropped, you might just be carrying him in your back because of your height". I am not 100% sure what this means to be honest with you. If it explains the back pain then I vote yes but otherwsie...carrying him "in" my back is confusing BUT I am just going to go with it.

So that is that. I pretty much zoned out and didnt hear anything she said after that honestly but I did hear that while we might make it to my due date, she wouldnt be surprised if he came a bit early.

Wow...ummm...I need to go do laundry and cleaning...and organizing...and go back and find the potato salad lady and ask for the lotto numbers...PRONTO!

Happy Baby!

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Jenilee said...

OMG MEGGLES!!!!!!!!!! GET THE LOTTO NUMBERS!!! YOURE GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it didn't feel real before it must feel super CRAZY real now!!! OMG OMG IM SITTING AT MY DESK SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!