Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Punkin Room

I finally have pictures! We are going for a jungle theme...we figure that will be gender neutral enough for either sex AND frankly I am determined for our kids to like animals. We dont have any decorations yet (obviously) but I think we have a nice start!

Crib! Complete with blanket that my mom knitted for us already! COWBOYS COLORS! : )

It is going to be punkin/guest room/bed available for Mom and Dad to crash on. I will be replacing this bedding by the way. I already have the quilt, just haven't quite had the energy to change it just yet. Also the chest at the foot of the bed will be finding a home at my parents house as we have NO room right now.

Dresser and changing table (under all the blankets and crap). That dresser actually used to be a darkish-red color stained wood. Hubby stripped it and we made it festive! When it was in the garage...we weren't quite sure but now that it is in the is PERFECT!

The changing table matches the crib, you just cant tell from all the crap on top. And yes...those are diapers and wipes. Santa thought we needed to start stocking up! : )

And this might be my favorite part of the whole room. The glider. I told Hubby before we even started thinking about kids that when we got pregnant, I wanted a glider rocker. Santa found one half off at Babies R Us and brought me one for Christmas! I am so excited...I actually read in it tonight to maximize my usage! Sometimes I make Vegas get in my arms so I can cradle her and practice...she is less than thrilled...especially when I try to swaddle her.

I cant believe I forgot to take a picture of the ceiling though...that is the best part (other than the rocker of course)! I took these pictures during the painting. You get the idea. We definitely went dramatic!

So...what do you think? Have we gone crazy!?

Happy Babies!


Jenilee said...

Oh Meg! It's GORGEOUS! I love every single part of it!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

A-DOR-ABLE!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the little one in their room enjoying it!! :)