Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I have do have tons to write about but nothing is very interesting....or I wouldnt think it would be interesting to anyone but me so instead I will write about whatever comes to mind... how about Punkin?!

So as of Sunday, we are officially 16 weeks! WOO! I can't believe it! I am still feeling good, no major changes except for I am starting to have the beginnings of a belly/beer gut oh and my face still looks like crap. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am preggers. I know it is crazy because I have

A) Heard the heartbeat...twice

but it is still just weird. Not weird in a bad way, just weird in a weird way. My mom keeps telling me I need to be singing and talking to the baby but as of right now, it is hard to be whimsical about it when I just feel like I am singing to my gut. Not very sexy. I know it will change once I feel the baby move and maybe even hear the heatbeat again but it is just so crazy that we are having a baby. Dont get me wrong I am VERY excited and not complaining ONE BIT that I havent been sick...just taking awhile to sink in.

We have our next appointment on the 22nd and I will be 18 weeks on the 24th so we are going to go ahead and schedule our sonogram. They dont do sonograms at the Birth Center but they will send me to the same doctor where I had my first. We are going to schedule it at 20 weeks because that is the half way point (INSANE) and we should be able to tell the sex by then! Hopefully Punkin will play along and give us a  view of the goods! Then maybe we can start narrowing down some names. Currently we have about 50 boys names on the fridge (most of which I believe/hope are jokes) and one girl's name which my MIL and I like but Hubby and my mom hate. There is just so much pressure!!!

Oh well, I am trying to enjoy every moment and every quiet moment that I have left. I promise to have something more interesting to write about tomorrow but regardless I hope you have a wickedly awesome Tuesday!

Happy Goods!

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Jenilee said...

Awww what a cute post!!

Yes, I'm sure it DOES take time to sink in!!! Once you see if it's a he or she, I'm sure it will COMPELTELY sink in and you'll start singing and talking to your little one all the time =)

I can't wait to find out so I can get shopping already ;)