Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Appointment

Hubby and I had our monthly appointment with the midwife last Friday. Again, what an AWESOME experience. Everytime we leave, I am even more reassured about the decision I made choosing a birth center over a hospital. I know it is not for everyone, but it is definitely the one for me.

They were running a little late, so that gave Hubby and I a chance to chat with the office manager about her experience at the center (she had her son there as well) AND check on the names on the wall. Every time a baby is born there, they put their feetprints on the wall and include the date of their birth and their name. It is REALLY neat to see all those tiny prints all over the place when you walk in! We definitely have quite a few names picked out (still way more boys than girls) BUT it is always fun to look at other options. There were definitely some weird ones but tons of cute ones that gave us even more ideas.

We met with Beverly, the birth assistant we met with last time and again SHE IS AWESOME. She took her time, answered all our questions, and I even had the chance to meet the other midwife who works at the center. She is great as well and I just can't get over how nice and helpful everyone is. They really seem to care about me and the health and well being of our baby.

We did get to hear the heartbeat again. SO STINKIN' COOL! You would think it would be really emotional but all I can do is giggle the whole time because I can not believe that I have a baby inside me, that Hubby and I MADE a baby! SO AWESOME! The little stinker was moving all about. I couldnt feel it but they said that is only a matter of time.

We were hoping to schedule our 20 weeks sonogram as well but unfortunately the doctor's office where the sonograms are done was closed. Hopefully we will have an appointment set this week! I will keep you posted! This will hopefully be our opportunity to find out the sex! I can't believe it and I can't wait!

All in all, things are going great! I am feeling great and Punkin seems to be doing well! I will keep you posted on the sonogram and then we will have to get serious about names!

Happy Fetus!

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Jenilee said...

Awww how exciting for you guys!!!!! I'm so happy for you two!!! I can't wait to find out boy or girl!!! =)