Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Months!

P had his two month check up last week! He is up to 12 pounds and 23-1/2 inches. WOW! The doc asked what we were feeding him and Hubby the occasion steak when he has been good!

I can't believe two months has come and gone. Everyone warns how fast it will go but goes fast. It feels like just yesterday we were driving home with him in the middle of the night, getting home and looking at each other like..."now what?!".

When I think back to this time last year, it just amazes me. I was SO ready to start a family but we still were not sure as to when to start trying. I was SO worried about not being able to get pregnant. I was SO worried that being on the pill for 10 years would affect my chances and abilities to get pregnant. I was SO worried that we would never be "ready", whether that was financially or emotionally or anything...

but here we are...

and it is wonderful.

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Jenilee said...

Love Love LOVE this post!!!

P's growing like crazy!! He'll be a giant by the time I get there =)