Friday, October 15, 2010

My how time flys...

This time last year, Hubby and I were hanging out with this guy. 

We scored some awesome preseason tickets from my boss!

We had a great time!

Little did we know at the time that this...
is how our night would end.

Happy Birthday to the Embryo that turned into P! 
(hmmm...that's weird and random but just go with it)


Jenilee said...

OMG that's awesome!!! HAPPY EMBRYONIC BIRTHDAY lmfao You always crack me up!!!

What made you take a test that night??

Megan said...

Honestly I don't know...just felt weird and I thought I had started but then it stopped and I just didn't know what the deal was. Thought I'd take one just to see, since we had been trying, and whoa...was I ever surprised!

Leslie said...

How funny!! I can't BELIEVE how fast this year flew by! I wonder what the next year will hold!? :)