Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Leather Anniversary

Today is our third wedding anniversary. That is the leather anniversary in case you were wondering. In lieu of ass-less chaps, (which was my first idea) because we are working towards a pretty extensive financial goal, I decided to go creative aka cheap this year! We shall see how it goes...Ill keep you posted.

Anywho...I can't believe it has already been three years. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the couch in his living room talking to his roommate (I didn't know him then yet) when he walked in from the garage. I will never forget that moment. My heart jumped into my throat and I just knew he was going to be trouble. He was H-O-T and although I thought he would never be interested in someone like me, I somehow lured him in and look at us now!

He is my best friend, my best half, and the one who keeps me sane and grounded. I couldn't be happier and I cant imagine spending my life with anyone else.

In care you were wondering, three years ago today...this is what we were we up to!

We had just moved into our house. Literally. We closed on it at the end of September. Spent three weeks living with my parents while the floors and ceilings were redone. And then moved in right before getting married. I wouldn't recommend that technique to anyone. Just saying. 

The day of, I was getting my nails done!
This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it...I wonder what I was thinking about...

I was excited and hanging with my besties waiting to get married!

Man and Wife!

Then we danced...

We ate cake...

And we drank some wine!

We were on our way to The Bahamas...we were excited!

Happy Anniversary Hubby! I love you!


Jenilee said...

OMG Meggles, I can't believe it's been THREE YEARS already!!!!! Love you guys!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! <3

megan @ whatmegansmaking said...

You were a beautiful bride! I love your dress. I actually had a similar one for my wedding, with the pick-up skirt. I kept saying it made me feel like Belle from beauty and the beast :)

Leslie said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I wasn't there, or that we didn't know each other then! :):) You were such a beautiful bride! (still are) So glad you guys got married and had the most precious child, lol!